Monday, January 18, 2010

Pikachu Birthday Cake

Pikachu Birthday Cake
This was a fun cake I did for a good friend's 8th birthday. I basically copied a google pic of a Pikachu figurine. The grass hill and tree stump were vanilla cake with chocolate ganache and fondant (the tree bark was chocolate candy clay which holds texturizing better). Everything, everything, everything was airbrushed. I was very lazy with this cake. The apples and leaves were candy clay.

Due to my laziness, Pikachu's tail didn't last very long. I had made it out of gumpaste/fondant the night before, so it was not dry and started curving as soon as I put it on. The ears made it okay. I let them dry in Wilton leaf formers, I believe, and that gave them the curve. Oh, and the body and head are rice cereal treats covered in chocolate candy clay and then fondant. You can still see the lumps from the rice cereal which I don't like :(

Here is the birthday boy. I've known him ever since he was born. And before!! Happy Birthday, Eli!!!