Sunday, June 28, 2009

1952 Chevy Pick-up and Elmo Cake

Elmo and 1952 Chevy Truck Cake for a Two-Year Old's Birthday

Elmo without his fur. I was going to use red royal icing for some fur but it was 7:30 in the morning, so I decided he looked alright shiny and smooth.

Ok, I know a lot more about Elmo than I do about trucks. I can tell the difference between a truck and a car but that's about it :P. I googled trucks and came across a blue 1952 Chevy pick-up, so that was my attempt in this cake.

The cake board was made out of white royal icing and fondant circles. The foam I had underneath didn't have pores so the royal icing didn't breath and dry up very well. The cake was French vanilla with butter cream icing, covered in fondant. The back of the truck was filled with red hots and fondant and sugar cube presents.

I used a straw, embosser, and icing tips for tire detailing.

Radiology Graduation Cake

This was a graduation cake for some radiology grads. Strawberry cake with butter cream icing and fondant accents.

Olive Oil :P

My next door neighbor said this figurine looked like Olive Oil from Popeye.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Father's Day Golf Cake

Well, I know little about golf, but thankfully golf balls are pretty basic :P. This one is made out of rice treats and fondant.
The cake is strawberry cake with cream cheese frosting and berries 'n cream filling, yum!, all covered in vanilla marshmallow fondant.
The dad figurine is made out of gumpaste, and it looks much better than it would have, thanks to my mother-in-law in Argentina. She sent me a website, shows awesome, detailed, step-step instructions of how to make cake designs and figurines. I haven't been able to find much in English about making figurines, but if you know a little Spanish, this site is amazing. Thanks, Sonia!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

First Communion Cupcakes

This was for a boy's first communion. Chocolate and vanilla cupcakes with vanilla butter cream and white chocolate fondant crosses.

My First Wedding (cake-wise, I mean!)

My favorite thing about this pic is Gabriel's arm, he needs to carry cakes all the time!

Into the Rav4, ready for a bumpy ride. I ended up with the cake in my lap, too nervous!

This was a house wedding. And wow, my legs really are white!

All set up.

The groom is a Georgia fan, like so many. The logos were royal icing floodwork, the cake was red velvet with cream cheesing frosting, covered in marshmallow fondant.

The roses and leaves are edible, hand-made out of gumpaste, brushed with edible dusts.

I made about two dozen, and you would not believe what good exercise rolling out gumpaste is. My arms are the only firm part of my body now!

Cake was yellow cake with white chocolate cream cheese frosting, covered in Wilton fondant. The topper was a gift from the bride's grandmother.

Thanks to my mom for the beautiful pics!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Weekend Cakes

Baby Shower Cake - It was designed off of the invitation. Bow was made out of gumpaste (next time I should try chocolate clay). Cake was yellow cake with swiss meringue buttercream and covered with american buttercream. It was my first time to make swiss meringue buttercream, and it is awesome!

The dreaded sheet cake! Haha, I am not a big sheet cake fan, in fact they almost seem more complicated to me, to try to fill up all that space without it looking like a Publix cake. It was red velvet with white chocolate cream cheese frosting. This frosting actually crusts which was awesome, so I was able to Viva it. I hand-painted it, my first time trying that on frosting. The cake was for a surprise retirement party. (I didn't know it was a surprise until I got the cake there, I almost put my foot in my mouth like five times!) For the design, they wanted feminine and flowers (scary!).