Saturday, January 30, 2010

My Cakes - Then & Now 1

Here's a photo I unearthed from last year that I never published. I really had to chuckle. I'm comparing it with this year's photo (I guess I'm indirectly trying to fish for compliments while also encouraging anyone who's interested in cake decorating to go for it. If I can, anyone can!)

I love how the lightsaber has a bloody stain all around it. Very age appropriate for a 7-yr. old!

This was completed this year on the 18th.


Dana said...

Hi there,

First, thanks for the add on Facebook. I'm excited to know about you. Okay, the cakes here... The first one, I would be impressed with myself if I did. The second one, I'm just impressed.. I've looked through a lot of the ones that you have on here and think they're really great.

I'm also a blogger, and love connecting with people in this way..

I'm going to bookmark you but will definitely be getting up with you for my daughter's birthday in June.