Sunday, January 24, 2010

Ostrich Feather Zebra-Striped Cake w/ Monogram Cupcakes

This was for a 13th birthday party. Cake was yellow with chocolate buttercream, covered in vanilla fondant. Handpainted zebra-stripes, numbers were fondant/gumtex with silver dragees. Also used silver dragees to make the belt buckles at the base. Everything is edible (except for the feathers :P)

Teal Monogram Cupcakes
These went along with the feather cake. The circles are fondant with the A's handwritten with an edible black marker. I'm horrible at handwriting, but it seems if I concentrate really hard, I can write one letter at a time fairly ok.
I think next time I do chocolate buttercream, I'll pipe it a different way. I think being a dog owner, it just looked a little too similar to something else...:P


Katielynn said...

I love your idea this is SO cool!! can I order one of these?