Sunday, February 28, 2010

My 100th Post!! & Tweety Bird Cake

Tweety Bird Baby Shower Cake
I covered this cake with edible frosting sheets, pink ribbon strips have daisies imprinted on them with a stamp although it's not shown in the pic.

The tweety bird plaque was made out of fondant/gumpaste, face was handpainted with edible paint and markers.

Another detail was using plastic mesh from Lowes, placing it on top of the frosting sheets, and airbrushing them. This would be more fitting to make napkins, not tissue paper, but it was interesting and easy.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Topsy Turvy Cake

Once again I was requested to copy another cake design. I do not know who the designer was, so if any of you cake people know so I could give them credit, please let me know.
Let's just say, topsy turvy cakes still have me beat, but I'm not giving up!

Bow was fondant/gumtex. It's shape is similar to one I saw recently on Ashley Vico's fan page. And once again I love edible markers!

Seaboat w/ Teddybear Baby Shower Cake

This cake was specifically requested to copy the design of a Pink cake Box design -
I'm not much for copying other designs, it can be intimidating!

Everything was pretty much a fondant/gumtex mix. The sand was royal icing, brown sugar and some coloring.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Mickey Mouse Cake

Edible image cutouts used for characters and black Mickey Mouse cutout, balls are gobstoppers, cake was airbrushed,
fondant, edible markers, and painting used for other decorations.
Oh, and the yellow small balls are actually white dragees that you can color or dust to your liking.

I used my new klay gun for the lollipop wand and it worked sooooo much better than my plastic one. Handpainted the wand for swirl effect and sprayed some Pam on it to keep the shine.

Valentine's Heart Giveaway Cake

This was the heart I gave away for Valentine's. Thanks to everyone who participated!