Saturday, January 30, 2010

My Cakes - Then & Now 1

Here's a photo I unearthed from last year that I never published. I really had to chuckle. I'm comparing it with this year's photo (I guess I'm indirectly trying to fish for compliments while also encouraging anyone who's interested in cake decorating to go for it. If I can, anyone can!)

I love how the lightsaber has a bloody stain all around it. Very age appropriate for a 7-yr. old!

This was completed this year on the 18th.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Pink Zebra-Striped Monogram Cake

My neighbor requested a simple cake, so I stuck with the zebra-stripe theme minus the feathers. I didn't mean for it to look like a hat, but it kind of does with the circular base.

Ostrich Feather Zebra-Striped Cake w/ Monogram Cupcakes

This was for a 13th birthday party. Cake was yellow with chocolate buttercream, covered in vanilla fondant. Handpainted zebra-stripes, numbers were fondant/gumtex with silver dragees. Also used silver dragees to make the belt buckles at the base. Everything is edible (except for the feathers :P)

Teal Monogram Cupcakes
These went along with the feather cake. The circles are fondant with the A's handwritten with an edible black marker. I'm horrible at handwriting, but it seems if I concentrate really hard, I can write one letter at a time fairly ok.
I think next time I do chocolate buttercream, I'll pipe it a different way. I think being a dog owner, it just looked a little too similar to something else...:P

Monday, January 18, 2010

Pikachu Birthday Cake

Pikachu Birthday Cake
This was a fun cake I did for a good friend's 8th birthday. I basically copied a google pic of a Pikachu figurine. The grass hill and tree stump were vanilla cake with chocolate ganache and fondant (the tree bark was chocolate candy clay which holds texturizing better). Everything, everything, everything was airbrushed. I was very lazy with this cake. The apples and leaves were candy clay.

Due to my laziness, Pikachu's tail didn't last very long. I had made it out of gumpaste/fondant the night before, so it was not dry and started curving as soon as I put it on. The ears made it okay. I let them dry in Wilton leaf formers, I believe, and that gave them the curve. Oh, and the body and head are rice cereal treats covered in chocolate candy clay and then fondant. You can still see the lumps from the rice cereal which I don't like :(

Here is the birthday boy. I've known him ever since he was born. And before!! Happy Birthday, Eli!!!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Angelina Ballerina Cake

I didn't know too much about this cartoon rodent before I did this cake but 4 yr. old Keely loves her.

Thankfully, I got to do two similar cakes in the same weekend. Had a lot of fun with the ballerina theme.

Army Cake

This was for a guy who's going off to bootcamp. His fiancee requested it, and I'll be doing their wedding next semester. The cake shape is similar to one I saw on Cake Lava's website. I handpainted the camouflage and used silver pearl dust for the stars.

The dog tag was made out of fondant and silver dragees. I used gel piping to adhere them to the vinyl board and it seemed to hold well. Oh, because I took on too much this weekend, I had to resort to Wilton fondant and realized how much I don't like it! Too thick and doesn't give!

Prima Ballerina Cake

This cake traveled all the way to Vidalia, GA. Design was based somewhat on the party invitations. Vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream covered in fondant.

While in Argentina, my mother-in-law bought me some magazines on molding figurines in gumpaste and cold porcelain, because it seems to be really popular there and the sugar artists in Argentina do such amazing work with figurines. So, I got to do some studying and then some practice this weekend.

This cake was for a 4-yr. old I believe, so I got out my edible markers and did some coloring on this cake. It looks like scribble-scratch, but it's actually about the best I can do :P