Sunday, November 15, 2009

Another Monkey Cake

Once again, this is an old design, however the mother helped add a new spin on it by requesting that the top tier be only done in buttercream and brown dots. As always, the buttercream and I fought constantly, but I think I won, hopefully.

horrible pic but you can still see how happy the monkeys are :P
I used my klay gun for the green vines and it's really nice but it was so hard to press out. My fondant I think was too tough, so I added glucose and that seemed to help. Does anyone have tips on using the klay gun?


Anonymous said...

Oh yes!!!!! You won!!!!! It tasted amazing and Jake tore it up!!!! He was so funny...instead of using his hands to taste it, he just used his mouth and ate it like a dog!!! It was so cute and yummy! Thank will be hearing from me again!!!!!