Saturday, November 28, 2009

3D Pumpkin Cake!!!

Didn't know about the cool bundt idea until after I baked the cakes already, but it worked out fine. I baked three very thick 9 in. cakes and then carved them down.

This was one of those "good cake" days, you know? No real setbacks and the finished product is pretty much what you had hoped for. After carved, frosting, and covering with fondant, I airbrushed the cake, starting with yellow, orange/red, brown, green, and a little black. The stem was fondant and marshmallow fondant mixed together. The leaves were cut out of fondant, thinned out, embossed, handpainted, airbrushed, and stuck with wire. The wire I actually painted with vanilla/coloring and then painted on top with green pearl dust to help keep the color.

Since this was for family and I use family as my cake guinea pigs, I tried a new recipe which was peanut butter cake, torted and filled with chocolate ganache and Reeses peanut butter chips, and then covered with chocolate ganache and a thin layer of vanilla marshmallow fondant.