Sunday, April 5, 2009

Week of Cupcakes

Easter cupcakes for my class. The "grass" looks more like cabbageheads, but my kids didn't seem to care :) Made of vanilla sprinkle cake and buttercream frosting with Robin Egg candies on top.

These cupcakes were made for my friend Angel to take to her job's Easter dinner. She asked for pretty flowers, but since I had just made bright pretty flowers, I decided to go a different route with chocolate. The cupcakes are cream cheese brownies topped with chocolate ganache. It was my first time to make ganache and I am a big fan!

The embellishments are made from candy clay. I love it! It's much more fun and yummy than fondant, in my humble opinion. I used Wilton candy melts, and they worked like a charm, much easier than baking chocolate. The brown candy clay was made from mint chocolate candy melts. I accidently bought the mint flavor, but it turned out to be a good mistake, not a bad one :). I added some candy coloring to green melts to get the teal color. I really enjoyed making these cupcakes. Some day I should try eating what I make, just to be sure it's not gross!


lyndsay said...

i like your cabbage head cupcakes!! my grass looks wonky too but i think it gives it character! :)