Sunday, April 5, 2009

Bathtub Cake

This cake and cupcakes were made for Stefani King, an expectant mom at my school. Jessica Ham was planning the shower with a rubber ducky theme. I really was not sure what to do, so I scoured the internet like I always do, and found a lot of cute ideas. I also used some decorative tubs Jessica was using for centerpieces to help design the cake tub.

I made the tile floor out of gum paste. I hand painted it and then used royal icing as "caulk" in between the tiles. The soap was made out of gum paste also. The bubbles I made out of white candy clay that I rolled in powdered sugar and white pearl dust.

The cake is covered in Wilton fondant. I tried to cover it in handmade fondant first, but it was too dry and cracked horribly. Thankfully I had some emergency Wilton fondant on hand and it worked very nice. The baby is made out of gum paste. It was my first attempt at a gum paste figurine. Up close there were a lot of cracks. I think next time I will try a mixture of fondant and gum paste. The water is tinted gel piping. The ducks are also gum paste. The cake itself was chocolate cream cheese pound cake. The icing is white chocolate cream cheese. I used a icing whitener to give it a whiter look, but unfortunately I think it gave the icing an aftertaste.

The cupcakes are chocolate cake with the white chocolate cream cheese frosting. These ducks are actually made out of white chocolate candy clay. I wanted to make something to put on cupcakes that people will actually eat. Fondant is cute, but I'm tired of seeing it picked off on the sides of dessert plates. The "N"'s were actually fondant I believe, no wait, I think it was candy clay. It's all mixing up now! The "N"'s were for the baby, Nathaniel.

The buckles on the side were blue and gray gum paste, and then the gray was painted with silver pearl dust. So far, this was the most satisfied that I have been with a cake. However, I feel I'm still missing the mark as far as taste goes.

I have so many more ideas in my head. I just need reasons to do them and time!


Angela said...

Have you slept any lately? Those are too cute!

miamorsweets said...

Oh my gosh, I finally just did this weekend! I fell asleep in my cake decorating class and everything, haha!