Sunday, April 5, 2009

Cake Vase with Cupcake Roses

This weekend I made a cake vase for Deb Young's birthday. It's an idea I've had "baking" in my mind for a while, so I used her birthday as an excuse to bring it to reality. Sorry Deb!
I made the cake out of chocolate pound cake and an all-butter buttercream. I really liked the taste of the buttercream, but it was a pill for piping the roses. I carved the cake to form and then covered it in fondant. The fondant squashed the neck of the vase somewhat, I wasn't too happy with the results. So I covered it up with strips of white gumpaste. I handpainted the vase and added piping and some fondantr daisies. I used floral foam in the top to attach the mini cupcake roses. They were made out of vanilla sprinkle cake.
The vase looks pretty polished but that's thanks to mom's professional photography and photo shop editing! It was actually a lot rougher than I would have liked but hopefully I'll find more reasons in the future to practice this cake design.
Happy Birthday, Deb!