Monday, March 8, 2010

Mi Amor Sweets Cake Tasting, March 6, 2010

waiting for some brides-to-be :)

the setup - I love Amy Atlas! I looked at her pics for a while ( ), and then went to Walmart for an hour. I would love to do wedding dessert tables some day, whenever a bride becomes interested...;)

First time doing banana cake, and it really wasn't that bad....if you like banana.

I can't wait to finally do a dulce de leche cake for someone. In the words of Rachel Ray, it's totally "delish"!

Another not necessary pic, but the photography is soooo pretty!

You can't go wrong with brown and pink....and M 'n' Ms! (See lower right hand corner. Easter season candy went perfect with the colors I chose.)

The glasses are votive candle holders.