Sunday, March 21, 2010

Wizard of Oz Birthday Cake

Phew! This really took a lot of time for me. Sometimes the imagination exceeds the abilities and time I have! Trying to decide on the design, I came across this painting
and as you can see, that was my inspiration.
And these pics make this cake look so great! Thanks mom!

The shoes were made from melted chocolate in molds and disco dust which I love but it's not truly food safe. Interesting but cake vendors sell it!

This little Dorothy and Toto took me quite a while but thankfully I had my Argentinian cold porcelain magazines to help. I also used my Yorkie, Boxxy, as a model for Toto. She wasn't a very still model, that's for sure! Dorothy was fondant and Toto was chocolate, yum!! Oh, and the rainbow. I handcut it out of gumpaste, painted it one color at a time and sprinkled Wilton's shimmer dust on each stripe. The cloud were handcut, airbrushed and then swirled with an edible marker.

The cake was handpainted with a combination of icing colors and pearl dust. I'm definitely not a painter, and I really need to get with my art teacher friend for some classes. The poppies were made out of royal icing and airbrushed with gold and red pearl dust. I love poppies! I remember picking them during my trip to Morocco, so I had to get them in this cake somewhere. I put little fondant circles on the backs of some of them so they would stand out.


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