Friday, March 20, 2009

Jackson's 2nd Birthday

3/14/09 - Train cake and cupcakes for my 2-year old second cousin Jackson's birthday. This train had to make a 7 hour trip and it was rough! Rule #1 - don't place cakes on a slant on their sides when traveling. Rule #2 - check your cake every once in a while (I should of remembered that from Ace of Cakes!).
The MM fondant sagged horribly, and I had a lot of structural issues anyways, but it was fun and bright at least. Seeing Jackson so excited about it made it all worthwhile. I've never seen a toddler eat so many cupcakes! Making the train cake for Jackson won his friendship right away (the first time I met him was with the train cake in my hands :)).

Jackson and his parents, Stuart and Melissa

Gab and I with the final obstacle of mounting the train on the tower top. Gab made this cupcake tower for me out of styrofoam and vinyl. It looked fantastic. Gab quickly and seriously took over the job of arranging the cupcakes. I sure didn't complain! That's the most stressful part.

Up-close shot. As always, thanks to mom for the awesome photography and making the colors really pop :)

Me and the train (I'm super relieved at this moment that there was no fatal cake disaster.)