Monday, December 28, 2009

My Nephew´s Baptism Cake

So, here I am in Argentina, and I still got a chance to scratch my cake itch! This was for my little nephew Eugenio´s baptism. My husband´s family postponed this special occasion to share it with us.
The figurines I made beforehand and brought along with my marshmallow fondant and a box full of my most important cake decorating tools.

The shepherd was somewhat inspired by a ¨Precious Moments¨figurine. I used a guide on the internet for the sheep. It comes from Utilisima, a great cake decorating tool here in Argentina
Yanina made the cake and I ganached and covered it in fondant. Everything is made with fondant. I worked in a very small space with his family watching, but it turned out ok. My sister-in-law is a trained artist and she helped me with the design and gave me the great idea of covering popsicle sticks with fondant for the fence instead of having to wait for the fondant to dry hard. She also gave me some great tips on mixing colors.

By the way, it´s summer here, and boy was this cake sweating! I learned a great lesson which is to always make sure the legs of a figurine are made out of fondant that is equally as hard as the body. The pink fondant was way too soft and kept squashing under the sheep´s body weight. The sheep on the top jumped off the hill and committed suicide!
I used a fan brushed to paint the texture for the grass and that turned out pretty cool.

Here I am with my hubby, my sister-in-law, Yanina, and the adorable nephew, Eugenio.

Me and the cutey-pie