Saturday, September 5, 2009

Zebra Flower Cake

Thanks to an old high school friend, Lynne Charles, I finally got to do another pretty cake, yeah!

This cake was for a 17 yr. old's birthday. I was told she didn't get a sweet sixteen, so I hope this cake makes up for it!

This was my first time trying out bead decorations. I really like the idea, and although they're not edible, I don't really think most people eat the wire decorations anyway.

Flowers were made out of fondant with gumtex. Paint and royal icing were used.

The cake was devil's food chocolate, torted and filled with chocolate swiss buttercream and chocolate ganache, covered with marshmallow fondant that misbehaved very badly on me for some reason.

Although, it's not a full-blown topsy-turvey cake, I carved it a little, to give it a whimsical feel. Cake was also painted with teal pearl dust.