Tuesday, July 7, 2009

1st Birthday Cake

My mom and I went to Jordan's 1st birthday party with cake and camera in hand. I couldn't have had a cuter model! And it's so nice having professional photos that make my cakes look better.

It is so amazing to me, the instincts of a one-year old. Jordan naturally knew exactly what to do, grabbing off fondant decorations and sampling them. How did he know it was edible?? Well, I guess it's trial-and-error, because I also saw him sampling some sand out out of his new sandbox.

It took Jordan a little while to warm up to his cake, but once he did it was all over! It made me feel so good to see him enjoying his first cake.

The cake was french vanilla, torted with chocolate ganache, frosted with vanilla buttercream and covered with vanilla marshmallow fondant.