Sunday, June 14, 2009

My First Wedding (cake-wise, I mean!)

My favorite thing about this pic is Gabriel's arm, he needs to carry cakes all the time!

Into the Rav4, ready for a bumpy ride. I ended up with the cake in my lap, too nervous!

This was a house wedding. And wow, my legs really are white!

All set up.

The groom is a Georgia fan, like so many. The logos were royal icing floodwork, the cake was red velvet with cream cheesing frosting, covered in marshmallow fondant.

The roses and leaves are edible, hand-made out of gumpaste, brushed with edible dusts.

I made about two dozen, and you would not believe what good exercise rolling out gumpaste is. My arms are the only firm part of my body now!

Cake was yellow cake with white chocolate cream cheese frosting, covered in Wilton fondant. The topper was a gift from the bride's grandmother.

Thanks to my mom for the beautiful pics!


Ari-Rumbai said...

Hi, I'm Ari from Rumbai - Indonesia,I realy like this wed cake it's so elegant n have good combination between maroon n white,not only the cake but the picture it's so great.....two tumb up....