Saturday, May 9, 2009

Unexpected Cupcakes for Mother's Day.

Well, I wasn't planning on doing any baking this weekend, since Gabriel was back after his two-week trip to Argentina, but I got a request for some Mother's Day/birthday flower cupcakes, and I was excited.

The cupcakes were yellow cake with butter-flavor buttercream except for the roses, which was Sam's Club icing. Red icing is super hard to get without having a lot of aftertaste, so my Wilton instructor let us in on Sam's Club red icing. It's nice and red with a yummy taste.

This rose was made mixing yellow/orange icing and red icing and using a really big rose tip.
The lady who requested the cupcakes had already seen my sunflower cakes, and she wanted a flower assortment, so I opted for red roses and blue/white carnations to match the sunflowers. Lots of fun, and I'm glad I got to do something for Mother's Day. Happy Mother's day to every mother reading this!