Sunday, March 14, 2010

Butterflies & Bows 1st Birthday Cake

I had this design in my mind for a while and was able to use it with this cake. I marked a wooden skewer and then pressed it into the sides of the fondant to create stripes. Then I handpainted each stripe with vanilla and pearl dust. At first I was not happy with the streaks but in the end I think it really added to the striped effect.

The topper was made by printed out a design off of the invitation on edible paper and then mounting it to fondant/gumtex and cutting with an x-acto knife. The pinwheel bows I made out of fondant with royal icing buttons and I used this pic as a guide

I had purchased some butterfly cutters a while back and finally got to use them. I shaped the cutouts on leaf formers after stamping some holes with a wooden Wilton gumpaste tool. After they dried I airbrushed them with vanilla and pearl dust and then filled in the holes with royal icing.